Simple Tips for Better Travel Photos

Photography is like all things, the more your practice, the better you get. If you are a blogger you may have a vested interest in trying to get better. Travel photos are incredible pieces of art, and they showcase just how beautiful every corner of the world is. However, while trying to get the perfect Instagram shot, it’s sometimes easy to forget to take a picture proving that you were physically in the location, or to capture the landmarks everyone will recognize. Here are some tips to become a better photographer that you can implement easily:

Learn About Light

Great lighting is the way to get vacations pictures you will love. It is important to pay attention to your lighting. Bad lighting will ruin your travel photo every time.

Use of Color

Color is really important in photography, particularly how different colors work well together. Red or yellow will often pop in a photo. All white against a dark background also looks great. For example, blue works well with yellow (sunflowers in a field), and red works well with green (Christmas!).

Don’t cut your subject in half

When you have found your subject, look around to see if there’s a way you can frame it creatively. Some good options for framing include vegetation, like tree branches and trees, as well as doors and windows.

Learn to edit

Learn how to edit your photos. I’d venture to say that there are no professional photographers out there who never edit their photos. In fact, editing usually takes even more time than the photo shoot. This doesn’t mean that you completely change the photo and make it fake, it just means that you make it look more like it did in real life.

Shoot different angles

Get creative with the angles and focus of your photos! An unexpected and unique perspective can be the difference between a good photo and a remarkable one. It’s always a good idea to capture different angles photos. Take a step back, to the side, to the corner, to the front… Work all the angles!

It’s always a good idea to capture different angles photos. Turn to the side, all the way around or have the person taking your photo capture you from the left or right. It’s all about the angles and it’s amazing to see how much one pose can change with just a few quick changes in position.

Use The rule of thirds

This well-known photography rule still holds true. When in doubt, make sure you’re using the rule of thirds to set up your photo. One of the most important rules of composition is known as the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds requires you to break an image into three equal parts either vertically, horizontally or both. The goal is to place key compositional elements into those thirds.

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